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Based around the exciting world of travel, My Travel Biz is an easy, flexible and sociable affiliate programme that offers great earning potential which grows year after year.

Built to be flexible and to fit around your existing lifestyle, family or work commitments, My Travel Biz is easy, as there is no need for experience, premises, stock, administration or customer services.

We handle everything! We book your clients holidays, take their payment, send out their confirmations, and deal with any other questions they may have, before, during and after their holiday.

We do the work, but you make the money!

Everyone you know takes holidays, once, twice or even more times every year! This is an opportunity for YOU to earn extra money from home, at work, at the gym or even while socialising!

We are a travel company, who are looking for individuals to recommend our products and services, to their friends, family, email, phone and social media contacts.

You can even increase your profitability offering an extra service to your existing clients.

So if you’re looking to earn extra cash which can make a real difference to your lifestyle – and make savings on your own holidays, this is the opportunity for you!

Think About It – How Many People Do you Know that Take Holidays?

Work colleagues, Friends, Family, Email, Phone & Social media contacts. We’re sure you can easily think of at least 100 people who take holidays, and most of them, take at least two holidays a year. That’s a potential of 200 bookings, each and every year!

Somebody is already receiving a commission on all of these bookings and it could be you!

About You

You don’t need to be a travel expert or a specialist is any area of travel; we have a team of excellent travel staff who will find the perfect holiday your customers.

You do not need any experience to become a My Travel Biz Affiliate. There are no business accounts to set up and there is no administration or client follow up required. Our travel experts make your bookings and our back office staff take care of everything else. You do need to have enthusiasm and energy and be a reasonably sociable person so that you can talk to potential clients about their holidays. The more holiday enquiries you submit, the more money you make – it’s as simple as that.

Your role is to recommend, register and generate enquiries for our travel company….. We take care of everything else, including paying your commissions!

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Key benefits

We know that Working Mums juggle time and responsibilities and wear several different hats on a daily basis. The My Travel Biz Affiliate opportunity has been set up to be incorporated into your lifestyle and circumstances and to enhance your life, rather than become an extra burden or worry. Remember, travel is a happy business!!

  • Work when and where you want, even when you are socialising.
  • Very low start up, cost fully refunded on easy-to-achieve target.
  • No overheads.
  • Great earning potential, which can grow year on year
  • Savings on personal travel.
  • Ever-expanding recession-proof market.

No monthly fees

If you can answer yes to the following three questions you should contact us today and we will talk you through the next easy steps to becoming a My Travel Biz Affiliate and earning great money from travel:

Do you want to earn extra money?

Do you know people who take holidays?

Can you invest £299 to improve your future?

If you answered Yes, contact us now and let’s get you started today

Our Travel Partners

My Travel Biz has contracted with Very Cheap Holidays Ltd to be the service provider for its clients and Affiliate’s travel requests. One of the most successful travel companies in the UK, featured on all of the leading holiday comparison web sites and delivering fantastic deals, Very Cheap Holidays has set new standards in customer service.

With the consortium-backed buying power of Freedom Travel Group, part of the Co-operative Travel Group, Very Cheap Holidays are able to source the very best deals for holidays, flights and travel all over the world.

Behind the scenes Very Cheap Holidays have a team of expert travel consultants with over 300 years of combined experience, giving us the ability to support customers until late 7 days a week.

Contact, company and opportunity details can be found here –

Financial Information

How much does it cost?

There is a one-off cost of £299 to register as a My Travel Biz Affiliate and there are NO recurring monthly fees.

HOWEVER, as soon as you reach your first (and only) target, we will refund your registration fee in full.

Really? – How does that work?

My Travel Biz Affiliates are paid 10% commission on the total profit made on each booking they generate, including car hire, insurance etc. Your commissions are paid to you on a monthly basis.

As soon as the commissions you have earned reach £299 or more, not only will you be paid your commissions, but we will then refund your £299 registration fee in full, so now becoming a My Travel Biz Affiliate has cost you nothing!

Why do we do this?

Our business model is based on generating bookings for our travel company and My Travel Biz is therefore set up to reward those that put in the effort and generate bookings. On average it takes 6-10 bookings to reach the £299 commission level and receive your registration fee back and remember this includes your own travel.

And it gets better!

Once you have reached your £299 target and received your registration fee back, we award you the status of “Super Affiliate” and double your commission level to 20%!

So now becoming a My Travel Biz Affiliate has cost you nothing and you are on top level commission!

Commission Examples

Below are examples of commissions earned recently by My Travel Biz Affiliates, we have shown your starting commissions and those when you reach “Super Affiliate status:

HolidayNumber of PaxAffiliateSuper Affiliate
Bermuda 1 Week H/B2£48.00£96.00
Greece 2 Weeks S/C2£15.50£31.00
Turkey 1 Week A/I4£30.50£61.00
San Francisco/Cruise 2 Weeks4£102.00£204.00
Mexico 2 Weeks A/I2£51.00£102.00
Mallorca 1 Week S/C8£39.50£79.00


“Customer for Life”

How can my income grow?

You can build an income that grows every year with “Customer for Life.” As your client base grows, so does your income!

With our ‘Customer For Life’ Programme’, every client registered under your Affiliate code will be kept updated on special holiday offers and discounts, and when they purchase directly with us again, whether it’s next month, next year or the year after, we will still credit your account with the applicable commission. Add to that the clients that book this year and come back year after year for the same great service and you have a residual income that will keep growing. Could you use an extra income that grows year on year? Of course you could!

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Name: Kelly Smith
Ben 5, Sarah 3

I’m one of those people who tends to organise things for friends and family anyway, so I saw My Travel Biz initially as a way as a way to be rewarded for what I was already doing.

I need flexibility to work around the needs of the kids, so anything that was going to demand hours and hours of my time wasn’t going to work.

My Travel Biz makes it easy because they have their ‘Quick Registration Form’ in the Affiliates area so you quickly enter someone’s details and know that they will then receive the newsletters and special offers, all under your Affiliate code. Then they have the ‘Booking Enquiry Form’ which you fill in when you’ve got someone with a specific holiday in mind departure airport, date, destination, duration etc.

I’ve found that the little amount of time spent filling this in as accurately as possible has really paid dividends because the travel experts that call your clients are really good at converting enquiries to bookings as long as they have the basic information. Having said that, I’ve received commission for people I’d completely forgotten about that I’d registered along the way.

It took me 8 bookings to reach the 299 level and get my money back but now the difference in the commission level on Super Affiliate level really makes a difference to the money I earn.

I’m really happy and my customer base is building nicely, I also love receiving the commission off my own holidays!

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