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About Us

Sagegreen HR is a successful HR Consultancy created by Jane Caven and Graham Whiley in 2000. Both Jane and Graham still work in the business and are based in our Cheshire office along with some of our HR Managers & Directors and our support team. Our Area Directors are mainly franchisees and they are based in various locations in the UK.

At Sagegreen HR we offer a service to our clients that is above and beyond – it’s the support that you would like to get if you were a client with a problem. When they need us we’re there with advice and help that’s commercially focused and practical.

Our client base is varied in size, sector, management style, location, need and just about every other way you can think of and those clients tend to be loyal and renew. For some of our retained clients we’re their HR department and for others we set the way strategically. We also undertake lots of projects – getting a change programme underway or handling a confidential search for example and that can be in addition to a retained contract or stand alone.

There’s a lot more to learn about us, the way we work and what being part of our franchise really means and we’re really happy to share that and tell you whatever you want to know so please, do ask.

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jane sagegreen

About the person

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re thinking about making a pretty big change in your life because you want more. For those already part of our team that’s been anything from more time with the kids or to look after parents, more control or flexibility, balance and wellbeing or more money and a better life for them and their family.

There are some very big advantages to working for yourself but there’s probably more to setting up and running your own business than you’ve realised. You’re starting from scratch. You need to set up a business, sort out the VAT, create a website and marketing materials, find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing and selling your business, find and sign up some clients, keep them happy, raise their invoices, make sure they pay and, somewhere amongst all that you’ve actually got to fit in the work they are paying you to do.

What if your clients want indemnity insurance? What if they need a new suite of documents creating, an HRIS setting up, or access to legal advice, training, coaching, strategic direction? The list goes on and it’s incredibly unlikely you’re a pro at it all – no one could be.

Who do you ask if you’re not sure about the best way to tackle a problem? If you’re not completely sure about the impact of the latest legislation on an already complex situation? If you’re struggling with cash flow because that promised payment never arrives? Who covers for you when you’re on holiday?

It is, of course, possible to do it all on your own but there’s a huge amount to learn, it takes a lot of time and it needs funding. Joining Sagegreen HR takes away a great deal of those problems along with the worry and the uncertainty. You’re still self-employed, it’s still very much your business but being part of our team gives you a huge advantage and you’ll be on your feet much faster than going it alone.

We’ve worked really hard to build our reputation, to make sure we stand out by being great at what we do, so we want to know you are as dedicated as us when it comes to providing a first class service for clients.

That means we need to get to know you. This is a two way thing – you need to feel that Sagegreen HR is right for you and, likewise, we need to know the chemistry is right and see you as our long term business partner.

We also ask that you’re CIPD qualified and authorised to work in the UK.

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Graham sagegreen

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Training and Support

At Sagegreen HR we offer experienced, CIPD qualified, HR Professionals a unique opportunity to build their own businesses, supplying commercially sound, tailored HR advice to employers of all sizes in all sectors.

You already have the HR experience and knowledge, our training and support is about all the other areas outside of that you’ll need to create your own successful business.

  • We show you how our business model – built upon 19 years of experience of successfully providing HR services, training and OD to the market – works for both you and your clients.
  • We handle invoicing & cash collection – no one likes chasing for money and you won’t have to – we’ll raise all your invoices and collect payments leaving you free to concentrate on the ‘day job’
  • Sagegreen HR offers a unique HR liability indemnity insurance that enables you to continue to deliver commercially sound, practical advice so your client won’t find themselves shackled by call centre legal advice at a critical time.
  • Sales Training will leave you confident and with a tried and tested plan for success when it comes to talking to prospective clients
  • There’s a full suite of HR documents ready and waiting so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Marketing materials are available for you to use from day 1. That’s everything from the website through printed pop-up banners to leaflets and folders.
  • Legal advice – Our key partnerships with established law firms mean there’s always someone to call when you need it most
  • When you’re away we’ll provide holiday and sickness cover so that your clients continue to receive the individual attention you would give. That means the client base you worked hard to build is supported and protected even when you’re out of your business.
  • As a larger team we can provide a wider range of products & services – Combining your skill set and experience with that of our team means together we can offer a comprehensive service including coaching, recruitment, executive search, psychometric testing, formal legal advice and strategic development – that beats the limited range of HR admin and compliance products provided by your local competitors hands down.
  • Innovation – We’re constantly trying new things, be that marketing, ways to provide a better service to clients, or new client offerings. We put in time, money and effort to finding out what works so that you don’t have to.
  • A email address, branding, stationery and more, the list goes on…


jane sagegreen Graham sagegreen Debbie sagegreen

Debbie sagegreen


Debbie Johnston – Area Director – East Anglia

After I met Graham and Jane I knew Sagegreen was the kind of company that would support me to build the business I wanted and I’d be up and running much faster than going it alone.

When you join Sagegreen HR you get a business in a box. Graham and Jane share 18 years of commercial experience with you in 1-2-1 training. They cover every aspect of running your own business and at the end you’re ready to fly.

The credibility of being part of a larger organisation is absolutely key to winning retained clients.

You can’t beat the value, you certainly couldn’t do it yourself for less. I can honestly say I feel I’m building a valuable business, not just earning a living. If you want to work for yourself this is definitely the way I’d recommend.


Eva Tucker – Area Director – London & South East

When I decided to become self-employed I wanted to be able to offer full HR services to my clients which would have been challenging, if not impossible, to do as an independent HR Consultant.

I compared 4 HR Franchises and chose Sagegreen HR as they had the best initial investment structure and the fairest monthly fee. The flexibility around where I can work was also crucial. I am building my own business but I’m not alone. If you ever need help they are all there for you.

Would I chose to be a franchisee and also choose Sagegreen HR if I did it again? Yes and yes.