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Ongoing Fee

£125 p/m.

Training provided



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Work Independently and flexibly!

Creating and managing a healthy work life balance is at the core of everything we do at Simply Stride.

Our training programme offers the chance to work in a capacity that suits your individual needs – whether that’s running a few local sessions each week, or managing an entire team in your own exclusive location.

You can manage your work at Simply Stride to suit you at your current stage in life – and know that it is adaptable to grow or reduce as required.

About Simply Stride

Our Simply Stride Training Academy offers a simple, low risk business model with affordable business costs, attracting long term value clients and easily duplicated marketing strategy.

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A Tried & Tested Business Model

We have a tried and tested business model, 12 trained Stride Coaches and 10 years of hugely successful business history. All our learnings are encompassed in our Training programme to provide you with comprehensive support to grow your network.

You will benefit from our established social media channels, our website, blog articles, training/promotional material, and our newsletter to help maximise your reach even further.

Common Goals – does this sound like you?

Regardless of our backgrounds or the reasons that brought us to Simply Stride, our team members share a few common goals – a love for the outdoors and a passion for helping people where it really counts! If this sounds like you then we can’t think of a better business opportunity for you to invest in.

All members of our team are sincere, inspirational and motivated – we can’t wait to welcome new Coaches to join us.

At Simply Stride we apply effective yoga, pilates and mindfulness techniques and ideas to something we do every day. Walking. We want to help you make changes.

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What makes a good Stride partner?

So, what skills do you need to be an effective partner in this business?

  1. Good mobility
  2. Supported at home
  3. Love the idea of working outside sometimes
  4. Passionate about helping people
  5. Confident communicator
  6. Desire an income that grows with your confidence and available time

Training and Support

Having successfully trained our team locally we are looking to recruit nationally. You will receive:

  1. Training – on line training manual, practical workshops and assessments, with ongoing mentoring
  2. Simply Stride branded marketing material, literature & social media support channel package & SS Kit at cost price
  3. Business development training and mentoring
  4. Technical Coaching helpline and fresh coaching material
  5. Easy PR & marketing prompts and network introductions
  6. Back office Administration and booking system facility and support bringing about best cash flow
  7. After qualifying, options to specialise in Medical, Community & Workplace Stride

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Financial Information

  • Income projection: Min. £1,000 per month by end of Year 1
  • £2,000 per month by end of Year 2

To join next years Training Programme the fee payable will be at £2000

This is a one-off cost for the Introduction to Stride Coaching.

Once completed the ongoing standard cost for Marketing, Mentoring and Administration is £125 p/m.

Stride Case Study

I became a Simply Stride Coach after  being a Strider for a couple of years and  I grew to love the technique and the benefits that came with it. It was a choice that I soon realised was the right one when the training started.

We had a complete and detailed  training course with lots of practical experiences and it created a very well rounded and thorough knowledge of the Stride technique and a great confidence in dealing with the clients and all their individual needs.

SS brings a great sense of achievement to see the brilliant results within the Striders sometimes even before they can! Working for SS is a unique opportunity to do a job that enables me to have flexible working hours, a great hourly rate of pay and to work within fabulous parts of the country.

This contrasts so much to working for a large corporation especially to be able to work outside and not to be restricted to within and office or building.

Coaching SS makes me feel like I am making a change for the better to all my Striders.

My Striders openly enjoy the sessions, make lots of good friends and improve physically and mentally in quite a short space of time. Many Striders grow in confidence also in a very short space of time.

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SS takes the working environment and ethics very seriously . All the Stride coaches are treated with great respect and encouraged to grow as competent coaches with regular updates in the coaching techniques.

The importance of respect and empathy to all our Striders is passed onto the coaches too.

SS makes me think differently because I can see the changes that it brings and I now believe that everyone can improve in many ways and feel great about themselves.

As a Stride coach the job brings such a great sense of achievement on many levels and therefore keeps the passion alive and the desire to improve all the time.

If I was no longer a part of SS I would have a huge hole in my life and would probably feel the need to help in the community in some way to try to improve the quality of life wherever I could.

Since joining SS I have grown in lots of ways mainly in confidence, dedication, commitment and empathy towards anyone who is having a struggle in their lives.

My Striders bring lots of things to me. They bring job satisfaction, commitment, empathy along with lots of laughter and friendship.

Our regular groups are ongoing and it is wonderful to see how complete strangers become best friends with the desire to improve their mind and body and to also feel like part of a new family!

The SS team give me support, encouragement and confidence. They feel like family now and I know I can go to them with any problems I might have.  They have taught me how to communicate better and they have given me the opportunity to work in a very rewarding environment.

Would I change anything? Nothing apart from maybe more SS meetings as we always love to all get together!

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