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After 3 Months a monthly fee of £250


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About the Tiger Cheer Cheerleading Club

I started Tiger Cheer in 2012 after realising there were not many flexible working options for mums of young children. After my second daughter was born, I needed a job that allowed me to have all the holidays off and one that fitted into school hours.

I have always had an interest in dance and began to explore the idea of cheerleading (a mix of dance, gymnastics and stunts) After piloting the idea in some schools, I soon realised this was going to be very popular. I am currently in 7 schools across Hertford and Ware and every class is fully booked with a waiting list. As well as this, we offer lots more and the good thing is, it all works around family commitments.

After the popularity of Tiger Cheer began growing faster than I could ever imagine, I decided to begin to franchise it after 5 years of teaching in schools. I spoke to one franchisee who said ‘It’s the best life decision I’ve ever made, I made all the money back that I spent to buy the franchise in 1 month and I’ve just booked our first family holiday with the profit after just three months of teaching’.

Remember this is your company and you will be provided with all the information needed to teach cheerleading at a recreational level. Maybe you would like to start a nursery class, or a parent and child class? Maybe workshops, parties or camps is more the direction you would like to go.

Whatever you decide to do, Tiger Cheer will be there to help, support and grow your company every step of the way. Tiger Cheer have also created a reward scheme with sew on badges and certificates. Maybe you would like to follow this syllabus in your classes, it’s entirely up to you. The good thing about this franchise is, the more you work the more profit you make. Tiger Cheer will always work on a flat rate monthly fee.

Tiger Cheer is the first cheerleading franchise in the UK. This is not a franchise that just allows the best children to participate but it is a business for children of all abilities. Every child should have the opportunity to allow their confidence to grow.

If you look back on the opportunities you had as a child you won’t remember where your team came in a competition but you will remember the coach that gave you the confidence to perform or compete. Tiger Cheer’s aim is to create as many coaches as possible that will help build children’s confidence and help them to reach for the stars!

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About You

This franchise would best suit some one who is hTiger Cheer Franchise Pictureappy to work with children and who enjoys having lots of fun. There is no need to have any experience in cheerleading or gymnastics as full training is provided.

All of the routines in the manual are level 1 & 2, so you will never be expected to teach complicated tumbles.

This really is a brilliant franchise opportunity with such low start up costs that you see a tidy profit very quickly. Tiger Cheer offers excellent care & support and we are here to answer any questions you have at any time.

Financial Information

The cost of the franchise is £1,500. (This is a one off payment) Then after a three month grace period (that’s right, nothing to pay for the first three months), there is a monthly payment to Tiger Cheer of £250…Just to give you an idea if you ran a 45 minute after school club every day you would be making a monthly profit (after fees are paid) of £1,350. This is without breakfast clubs, lunchtime session, parties, camps and workshops.

There is a lot of opportunity with this franchise and it’s up to you where you would like to take it!

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Training & Support

Once you are all signed up and ready to go, Tiger Cheer will get you fully qualified as a level 1 and 2 cheerleading coach.

This is usually a three-day course. On top of this, you will have training days with Tiger Cheer where we will go through the manual and you will be shown the routines, how to teach, how to conduct sessions and everything else you need to know.

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What is so great about this franchise is you will never have to worry about routines or lesson plans as this has already been done for you.

If you would like a friendly chat and have any questions, Tiger Cheer are happy to discuss this over the phone or we could meet in person and have a coffee and slice of cake!

Gooooo TIGERS!

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Sophie took out a franchise in the summer of 2018. After completing her training to become a qualified cheerleading coach (part of the £1500 fee) and attending the Tiger Cheer training days (all included in the franchise fee) Sophie was ready to start her own business!

Tiger Cheer Head Office worked with Sophie to understand what commitment she would like to give to her new company.

As Sophie had a young family, she decided that she wanted to focus on after school clubs and lunchtime sessions.

By September, the classes were full and after 2 months Sophie was enjoying it so much, she decided to enter one of the schools into a local competition where they came 4th.

Following the manual and with the help of the online training video, Sophie decided to run her first camp over the course of two days.

This was brilliant as her young daughters could also attend the camp. Sophie has enjoyed every moment with Tiger Cheer and is so happy she decided to take on this new challenge.

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