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£6,999 + VAT.

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About UsVision 1

Back in 2006 I was sat in a local pub flicking through the village monthly magazine.

As usual I was complaining to anyone who’d listen about how poor its quality was. My moans included that the articles were boring, the photos blurred and the advertisements poorly designed.

One friend sitting near me must have heard this rant once too often as he simply told me: “Shut up moaning about it and if you are that bothered set up your own bloody magazine!”

I owe that friend a pint really. Because thanks to him I set up the MyNews network and the wheels were set in motion on an 11 year journey which continues to gather momentum to this day.

Now let’s be clear I didn’t come from an editorial or publishing background. I’ve always been in sales and still am really.

I took my idea of publishing monthly magazines and ran with it, fast. What started off as a hobby has turned into a business turning over more than £1.25million a year, publishing 15 monthly titles with more on the way, a readership in excess of 250,000 and hundreds of delighted advertisers.

During the past 11 years since that fateful bar room banter I’ve built up a fantastic team of magazine publishing and sales experts. The skill, hard work and knowledge of our team has been the key to our success.

And by creating the Vision franchise opportunity we are putting that key in the hands of our franchisees.

I know that if you follow the advice and systems we have created over the years you will unlock the door to a lifestyle where you can earn good money, run your own magazine, be in charge of your own destiny and grow and develop as a person.

We’ve learned so much over the years about running magazines successfully. We’ve often learned the hard way – but that’s good news for our Visionaries (the name we give our franchisees).

Because we’ve made mistakes that you will not have to suffer on your journey to becoming a successful and highly profitable magazine owner.

I’m really proud of winning the Association of Independent Magazine Publisher’s Most Inspirational Business Owner Award in 2014 and 2015.

But what makes me prouder than that is the team we have who support our franchisees and the fantastic franchisees who are making Vision such a success.

Once you’ve read this information pack please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a chat or have any questions.

About You

If we told you a Vision franchise was easy and you’d earn thousands each month for doing next to nothing we’d be lying. Anyone who spins you a similar story would be a massive fibbeVision Peopler.

The quote on the next page says a lot about what we think makes a successful Vision franchisee.

The good news is we’ve made the mistakes over the years so that if you follow our advice you won’t have to. And we’ve prepared an already successful system for you to follow.

Here’s what you will need to be a successful Visionary:

1 You are not scared of hard work.

No matter what you want from life if you are not willing to work for it you won’t achieve it.

2 You are willing to learn.

We provide great training and support for our franchisees so it’s important that you are not a ‘know it all’ and you are open minded to learning new skills.

3 You like dealing with people.

A big chunk of what you do will be selling advertising space to people. In our experience the best salespeople are natural, honest, resilient and top of the list they love meeting people.

4 You are organised.

A Vision franchise calls for a good level of organisation and discipline. Not excessive amounts but time is money in any industry and if you get the most from your working hours your bank account will feel the benefit.

5 You have a desire to build yourself and your family a better lifestyle.

Last but certainly not least. In fact it’s probably the main thing you need. From that desire comes the motivation to work hard on your franchise and that will reap you dividends and rewards over and over again.

Training and Support

Initial training days

We’ll guide you through everything you need to be ready and confident to run your Vision franchise.

The Vision A to Z of Magazine Magic

manual and download full, and we mean chock a block, of everything you need to run your franchise including how to organise your work environment at home, time management, sales closing techniques, how to sell without selling and FAR too much more to list here

Ongoing expert support

If you have a question about running your franchise we’ll have the answer. The fantastic aspect of a Vision franchise is that you own your magazine but are fully supported by an industry leading team.

Marketing materials

We’ll provide you with everything you need to get up and running. From rate cards, to booking forms, business cards and branded stationery.


We use our credibility and buying power to negotiate discounts with a range of suppliers on our franchisees behalf. These include magazine management software, telephone numbers, print, IT Support and office furniture.

Monthly calls with Nik

For the first six months every Vision franchisee receives a monthly call from Nik. This is invaluable as a chance to pick his brains, benefit from his vast experience and generally see if we can do anything else to help you succeed.

A seat at our monthly round table meetings

Where you will get to meet with fellow franchisees and share from that pool of knowledge and experience.

A monthly newsletter

Where we give you tips and advice on all types of subjects aimed at making your magazine a success.



Financial Information

When we said that VISION was a low cost, low risk investment we meant it.
You can secure your exclusive postcode for just £6,999 + VAT. When you compare this to some of the other franchises offering similar returns and work / life balance it’s sensationally good value for money.

Vision Lifestyle

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