Are you thinking about becoming self employed? Or perhaps you think that working for yourself as a freelancer is the best option. Whether you are already working for yourself, or just thinking about taking on some work in a self employed capacity, this section should help you find advice on how to become self employed, support and the latest news on self-employment in the UK, plus access to the best self employed jobs. Click the read more button to view some handy guides.

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Some handy guides if you are already self-employed, or are looking into it as an option

  1. Working from home – what to consider
  2. Maternity Rights & Self Employment
  3. 8 Steps to starting your own business
  4. Flexible Childcare Resources
  5. Are you fit for freelancing?



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Self Employment


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Self Employment

Business mum

Christine Gouchault's book, Business Mum, is a three-step self help guide for mums wanting to run a business alongside family responsibilities. read more

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