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Terii Dunne does a job she loves and is able to do it around her two young children.

Originally from London, but now based in Derby, Terii says her role as a sales manager at, which she has held for nearly two years, allows her to work flexibly around her children because her employer practices what it preaches.

“Our aim is to show the world that there is the technology to help people work from home productively and flexibly, and with a six year old, and five month old, whilst I can’t pretend life isn’t challenging, I really wouldn’t swap my position with any other working mum,” she says.

Before Terii’s, eldest Mia was born, she was a director of sales at a well-known hotel chain and lived in London, but motherhood caused a seismic re-think.

Together with husband Simon, she relocated back to where Simon had grown up, where the cost of living was cheaper and there was also family support.

“I landed on my feet with this role, which meant I went back to work soon after Erin was born in the late summer,” she said. “I love being a mother, but want a stimulating career too and this works perfectly, as when Simon returns home he can take on child duties whilst I work, sometimes making conference calls at night, which is great as many of our prospects are in the US and this helps with the time zones,” she says.

Following the birth of Erin, Terii took a month off work, but then went back full time and has found herself able to adapt to having a new  person in the house despite her working schedule.

With the in-laws on hand, a childminder who steps in occasionally to help Mia get to school and her husband’s employer also helping, Terii has also had an added bonus that many parents would give their right hand for.

“Both the girls are great sleepers, so I’m generally well rested and able to take on the demands of the job,” she says. “However, sometimes as Erin is at home it can be a little demanding during the day, when she is up, but my boss being a family man understands this,” she adds.

“I ensure I get the work done, so this often means working when Simon is home and also Erin will go to nursery in the spring so that should help,” she says.

“I set to work as soon as Mia is at school and adapt accordingly with Erin,” she says. “I’m fortunate that the focus is about results rather than hours,” she adds.

Terii is keen to emphasise the benefits for her employer of the way she works. “I think because our employer treats us all so well, with a remote workforce throughout the country, we all go the extra mile and work when we have to so the job is well done,” she says.

“A good employer who promotes flexibility means a great quality of life and a happy workforce which stays.”

She comments: “Whilst I’m fortunate, I don’t think I’m lucky. I worked hard to find a role like this as flexible working was so important to me. It is the right role and it is paying dividends.”

She adds that she would encourage other parents to go out and seek flexible models that work for them. She says: “There are progressive employers out there and it is just a case of doing your research and finding them. This model is the future.

*Picture: Terii  with her daughters Mia and Erin.


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