Getting back to work in health and social care

I am a mum of one and I have a degree in health and social care and a degree in midwifery. I qualified as a midwife in 2011 and shortly after I became pregnant with my daughter. I never gained employment experience as a qualified midwife. After being a stay at home mum, I’m trying to find employment and finding it very difficult. I cannot return to midwifery as my registration is not valid and there are no return to practice courses in my area. I am looking for some advice on what opportunities would be available to me?

A good starting point would be to look at entry level roles to gain some work experience. You could speak to family and friends in the industry and ask if you could do paid/unpaid work experience there. Or you could look at doing something completely different. Psychometric tests highlight your key work preferences. Try or

Once you’ve decided what type of roles to apply for, I’d look at the qualifications they are asking for and do an online course. The Open University courses offer great opportunities for mums to gain new qualifications either online or through home study that can fit around child commitments or do an online course for free, check out and

There are also plenty of job boards online specific to health and social care which may give you ideas for jobs including and

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