Gingerbread celebrates the advantages of flexible working

Happier staff, reduced staff turnover, greater productivity and lower overheads are all key reasons to support flexible working, according to the single parents charity Gingerbread which has launched a Twitter day of action for more agile ways of working.

Gingerbread asked its members what makes an ideal job and a third said being able to work flexibly. It is emphasising that flexible working is a win for employers and employees and has launched a guide, the “Top 10 Reasons to Support Flexible Working”, to make that point.

#FlexiWorkDay aims to push the case for flexible working opportunities, which despite the benefits, remain scarce with many employers continuing to favour traditional 9-to-5 full-time or half-time fixed hours.

Gingerbread says: “We need to get the message out about the transformative impact flexible working can have on businesses and on family life.”

To get involved in the day of action, Gingerbread is asking people to take to Twitter and post their own example of how having the opportunity to work flexibly has made – or could make – a difference to their life, making use of the hashtag #FlexiWorkDay so that the message links up with all the other tweets being sent out.

Gingerbread says: “The more stories and examples we can promote on the day the more powerfully we will be able to demonstrate the difference that flexible working can make to employers and employees alike.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with flexible working hours, especially for mother or single parents. People can work off laptop, they could work form home or anywhere, they will not have to commute daily (save on petrol, toll fee, less pollution for the environment), the work still gets done. If people have sick children they could work from home see to them, while still fulfilling their duty to their companies. People can drop of their children at school, go into work, finish work and pick up their children and continue to work at home working the full hours required of them, while still seeing to their family responsibilty, where they would they would not have to leave their children in the care of somebody else that might abuse their children. In instance where people need to work overtime, they could work it from home around their families, so that they will not become a target for hijacking or muggings, while working late, this will give them greater work life balance and greater work satisfaction. People should not have to give up their careers, just because they need a little bit of flexibility to see to their family responsiblity. I strongly believe that using technology to make the world a better place for people while business is still being managed effectively is the way of the future. During long weekends, people who need to work and work from home around their families instand of going in to work and the business is still being run effectively. If staff are happy, then ultimately they will strive to go the extra mile to keep customers happy and in turn this will be a win/win for companies, the customer as well as employees and Management.

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