Given more pay after maternity leave, but sidelined

During my maternity our company went through a restructure. Just before going on maternity I was promoted and was given additional responsibilities. Two months before resuming work I had a meeting with our Director and was told my role will be split into two parts and I can choose to apply for one of these. I was also told there is a senior role coming up and I can apply for that too. Should I have to compete for this other job and how can they offer me half of my current role, which is effectively a demotion? I was told later that they were happy to give me the new role, but it would have the same title as the last role. It is a different job, however, and more administrative – not something I am used to doing. The role would be reviewed after six months. I am now in post and I feel lost in this new role as there is hardly any work. I was told to ask for work from others. It has not been reviewed. I have higher pay, but have been completely sidelined me and I no longer actively take part in any strategic meetings etc. I am about to go on my second maternity leave and so is my line manager. I asked for a different line manager as the line manager’s role is being changed and they will effectively be on a lower grade than me, but this has been denied. What can I do?


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I would advise that you either raise a complaint with HR or if you feel comfortable with your manager or see what happens when you are on maternity leave. Use your keeping in touch days for updates and to see what is happening while you are off.

Being off on maternity leave for an extended period of time, anything can happen and you might feel better once you are ready to return or might even want to reduce your hours, which would change things again.

You can raise a grievance, something I would always advise that happens before going down a legal route.

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