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workingmums.co.uk speaks to award-winning single mum Lyndsay Hogg, founder of Hogg Global Logistics, about how she set up her business when she was eight and a half months pregnant.


Lyndsay Hogg has not only set up her own thriving business and won several awards in the process, but she did it while she was eight and a half months pregnant.

That hard work was recognised last month when Lyndsay, founder of Hogg Global Logistics, scooped the Freight Award [Above and Beyond] at the everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards

Lyndsay had worked in the logistics industry for several years before she started her own business.  But when she was pregnant with her second child, her employer tried to withdraw her maternity package. She left, but her relationship with her partner was not stable at the time – she later separated from him –  and she felt the pressure was on to provide for her two sons. 

So, with the support of her mum and dad, who both worked for her previous employer and left in solidarity with her, she set up Hogg Global Logistics. It was hard work – she recalls staying up until 4am Googling all the information she needed to get started – but the effort was worth it. “It started under a cloud, but it is the best thing I have ever done,” says Lyndsay. “It has allowed me to be flexible as a mum and set my own rules.”

She set the business up in 2019 and immediately had to weather the combined storms of Brexit and Covid. She managed to have six months with her baby after she had registered the business. Even though she was not working full time, she was still getting the business ready and trying to build their potential customer base. She recalls the first customer coming on board when she was sitting at the kitchen table in early lockdown

A silver lining

Lyndsay says the Covid lockdown was a bit of a silver lining for her as she was able to keep costs down. What’s more, at the time everyone was working from home with children present so she didn’t stand out. She was also in a bubble with her parents, meaning they could look after the baby. Nevertheless, she still had to contend with building the business, managing a newborn and homeschooling her other son, now aged 13. 

Covid also gave Lyndsay the chance to upskill. A lot of the courses she was able to take used to be in person and miles from Hartlepool. She took around 30 and got the certificates she needed to drive forward her business and negotiate Brexit.

The company picked up customers fairly fast and demand was high as manufacturing started up again after the first weeks of lockdown. Turnover has been up year on year and the highlight of Lyndsay’s career came last year when she was named a community champion of Hartlepool and was invited to Downing Street to meet Rishi Sunak. She then won a King’s Award for enterprise and international trade and met King Charles at Buckingham Palace. “For a small family business that is quite an achievement,” says Lyndsay, adding that the company now has five employees, including her mum and dad. Her brother’s girlfriend has also been helping the business expand in Dubai so it’s a real family affair.

Community work

The awards are certainly well deserved. Giving back to the community has been a central motivator for the company. Lyndsay donated 18,000 packets of sanitary products in Hartlepool and started a campaign to have these provided free in all local  businesses to end period poverty. She also raised over £5,000 to help with bills for a cancer patient who was unable to work and coordinated the town’s response to the invasion of Ukraine. This came as a result of watching the news,  hearing of the impact of the war on the country’s children and knowing her business was in the position to help.

It all began with getting donations together to send a truck to Ukraine. The company was inundated with donations and the local football club also ended up taking the overflow of donations. In total the company sent 10 truckloads to Ukraine, became the drop-off point for the North East of England and raised £13,000. “My dad and brother drove one of the trucks,” says Lyndsay. “It was a mission of love.” The campaign also helped bring local people together to help pack boxes and get out of the house after Covid. “It gave people a purpose. Our town is so supportive,” says Lyndsay.

She adds that the company has big dreams and goals. It is keen to build, but to keep true to its ethos of giving back, something that Lyndsay’s mum inspired. “She always taught us to help others,” says Lyndsay. She wants to create lots of local jobs, although it is still early days. 


She hopes the everywoman award will help her build a supportive network of women in what is still a very male-dominated sector. She was very surprised to win her category. She came to the ceremony with her mum expecting only to enjoy a nice mother and daughter day out. Her sons were at the hotel with their dad. She says she was very calm when she realised the enormity of the ceremony as she didn’t think she had a hope of winning.

She rang her sons afterwards and hopes her award will inspire them. Her older son is already a budding entrepreneur. He has set up a car valeting business with a friend. They have their own website, QR code and business cards. “We are always talking business at home and that shows he is listening. I hope I have shown him that if he wants opportunities he can create them for himself,” says Lyndsay.

She has been thanked since the awards for raising the profile of both Hartlepool and single mums. One of the judges is meeting her next week to see how they can work together. She sees everywoman as “a tribe of brilliant, like-minded women”. She says: “It’s so nice to be with a group of women who are going through the same things you are in work and in life.” 

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