Government announces job share scheme for teachers

The Government’s new retention strategy for teachers includes more flexible working and reducing workload.

The Government is to launch a new job-share service to give teachers more flexible options.

The proposal comes in the Department for Education’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy. It adds that the Government will also provide free timetabling tools to make it easier for schools to manage more flexible working and is creating new specialist qualifications for those who want to develop their career and progress without going down the usual leadership route.

Another aspect of the strategy involves reducing workload. The Strategy will involve working with Ofsted to simplify the accountability system and reducing any unnecessary pressure it places on teachers. In addition, the new Ofsted framework will have an active focus on reducing teacher workload.

The Government says it is also simplifying the application process for new teachers by introducing a new ‘one-stop’ system for initial teacher training. A pilot focused on a handful of subjects has already started. It is also
launching new ‘Discover Teaching’ initiatives later this year so more people get the opportunity
to try out teaching before they apply

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