Growing demand for part-time nannies

Wage rises for nannies have been relatively small in the last year, according to Nannytax‘s annual survey.

The survey also found a big demand for part-time nannies, but less interest in nanny shares. Most families wanted nannies that came to their house rather than live-in nannies.

The average salary for a live-out central London nanny was £34,941, a 2.39 per cent increase on the previous year. However, for a live-in nanny the salary was £24,614, a fall of 5.39 per cent. In the Home Counties and outer London live-out nannies’ salaries went up by around nine per cent to £23,971 and in other areas they rose by over seven per cent to just over £22K. For live-in nannies, salaries were up over five per cent to around £30.5K in the Home Counties and outer London, while they were up by nearly two per cent in other areas to around £25.5K.

The proportion of nannies registering with Ofsted has fallen, with the main reason for registering being because employers asked for it. Only a third of nannies were not from the UK, with Eastern Europe making up the bulk of the non-British nannies. Some 45 per cent of nannies were aged 21 to 30 and over 35 per cent were 31 to 40. Nearly a third had worked between one to four years as a nanny with just over a third having been a nanny for more than 10 years.

Over half of the nannies surveyed worked as full-time live-in nannies, although the survey said there had been a fall in demand for full-time nannies. Nearly 29 per cent were live-out part-time nannies.

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