‘High earning part-timers keep quiet about their part-time status’

One in 10 part-time workers in the UK are earning more than £40,000 a year on a full-time equivalent basis, accordign to a survey by Timewise.

-It says this amounts to 650,000 people. The poll of 2,000 workers also showed more than a third of senior part-time workers admitted that they would never describe their hours as part-time but prefer to say they work flexibly. One in seven said they let colleagues think that they work full-time hours.

The two top reasons for working part-time hours were having the flexibility to work less and looking after children.

Timewise founder Karen Mattison said: “People say part-time and senior can’t be done, but thanks to employers who get the business benefits of hiring talented people on a part-time basis, there are now part-time finance directors, heads of communications, even part-time chief executives out there.”

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