Hike in e-recruitment as hiring budgets are slashed

Despite a marked reduction in recruitment activity two-thirds of businesses report difficulties in finding skilled professionals and with budget cuts more organisations are now turning to new media, including jobs boards to recruit.

The latest survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD) Resourcing and Talent Planning shows that 68% of organisations have failed to find employees with specialist skills.

As a result, the survey says that attracting and recruiting key staff is the top resourcing objective for eight in 10 (79%) of respondents.

Budgets are also being slashed for outsourcing recruitment to recruitment agencies;

  • with more expecting to use new media/technology to recruit now (49%) compared to 2009 (31%).
  • Additionally, more expect to recruit key talent/niche areas this year (65%) compared to 2009 (53%).
  • And more than half of the organisations quizzed (54%) are now using methods to retain rather than recruit new talent, up from 36% last year.

Unsurprisingly half of respondents in the survey said the recession has had a negative impact on their resourcing budget for the year.

Despite this, those planning to implement a recruitment freeze in 2010 has almost halved since last year (22% compared to 42% in 2009.)

Claire McCartney, CIPD resourcing and talent planning adviser, said: “Limited budgets mean organisations and HR departments have to think creatively – doing more for less is not so easy.

However by developing internal talent pipelines employees can benefit from increased opportunities, development and progression and the employer can fulfil the skills requirement for the job.”

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