Websites & videos to help with home schooling

As of this week, most UK parents of school age children are in the same situation – having to manage home schooling alongside remote working. Rebecca Williams has put together an excellent list of resources to make life a little easier.



Rebecca Williams is an attraction marketing manager, and like a lot of parents finds herself in a new, unexpected role of teacher alongside her day job due to the social distancing measures surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-1) situation.

She has put together, and shared widely on LinkedIn, an excellent list of educational online resources aimed at Primary age children – to help keep your children busy whilst you are trying to get a bit of work done.

All these resources should be checked for suitability by parents first and are merely suggestions, not endorsements.

Getting Physical

How about starting off their day with burning a bit of energy whilst you catch up on work emails? Some great ideas:

  • The Body Coach – Daily PE at 9am. Joe Wicks gets everyone involved in 30 minutes of PE via live videos on youtube. The first one was today, and over 800,000 people joined in with the live feed.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Excellent for little ones, they can follow a story whilst having a stretch!

Stories & English Activities

For some quiet time, older children can enjoy worksheet and game activities to help brush up on their language skills, younger ones can enjoy listening to a story read by someone else!

  • Phonics Play  – Phonics activities for children, free to use during the coronavirus crisis with no need to subscribe
  • Staying Home Story Time – Oliver Jeffers reads a story every day at 6pm
  • Audible – Audible have offered free children’s audio books during the crisis
  • Cbeebies Radio – probably more for the pre-schoolers, story fun!

Learning about the world

  • Google street view, Arts and Culture – Kids will love zooming around well known cultural landscapes. Set them a task to draw a picture and write about what they have learnt about the place in a mini-report. You could send them to the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal!
  • NASA – if your little ones are interested in space, then download the app and take a look. They could draw pictures or write you a report of what they have learnt about space.
  • Historical Tours – they can go on virtual school trips to historical places, and report back on what they see. For example, why not visit Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey?
  • Animals – you can take a virtual tour of San Diego Zoo and check out all the animals via live web cams.
  • National Geographic Kids – some amazing natural world kid-friendly youtube videos for them to enjoy and learn
  • SciShow Kids – youtube science videos on a range of subjects such as ‘the worlds ugliest animal’ and ‘how do seeds become plants’

For the full list of excellent ideas Rebecca has put together, click here.

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