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Only son has got two projects he has to work on this term. I’m not entirely sure what that means. Do we do bits of stuff every week or a huge production – creation of mini temples, best-selling apps, etc – at the end? I’ve gone for the incremental approach. I don’t have the energy for mini-temples. So last week for ancient Romans we created a blog and only son did a blog entry about eating in ancient Rome. This segued perfectly into the other project on healthy eating. We created a board game called Fruits galore!  Only son enthusiastically assigned points to certain foodstuffs. Minus seven for a burger, 10 for a plum. We played a few rounds of Fruits Galore! and only son won hands down every time.

Only son is big into healthy eating at the moment. His friend came over for a sleepover on Friday night. The ritual is we go to Tesco in the evening and get a few snacks for a “midnight” [9pm] feast. Only son and his friend normally scatter when we enter Tesco, shouting enthusiastically and rushing in the general direction of sugar. “Let’s get cherry cola,” shouted his friend this time round. “We will get fizzy water with a touch of blackcurrant and then we can get a small can of diet cherry coke,” I heard only son say. “We have to be healthier.” His friend looked slightly crestfallen, but was happy with any amount of cherry cola, diet or not.

Later in the evening only son got a bit annoyed that his friend was spending a lot of time on the Nintendo DS. He went on a long rant about health and eyesight and not spending all your life on a screen. “It is very rude to be glued to a screen and not talk to your friend on a sleepover,” he said in a fit of moral self-righteousness. This would be fine, but he spends quite a lot of time on my phone doing geometry dash.

I took them both up to bed to ease the tension with a round of stories and tooth brushing.  Only son’s friend left the tap on for a while. “Do you know that you are using far too much water?” inquired only son. ‘Water is an important resource for the planet. Turn the tap off.” Oh dear, I fear only son is turning into a healthy eating, sustainable living fanatic, possibly due to too much exposure to daughter two. I explained that maybe a not so in your face approach might work better. “I’m not sure this friendship has a long term future,” muttered daughter one, who was listening in.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of Workingmums.co.uk.

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