Homeworking essential for almost two thirds of working mums

Sixty-two per cent of working mums say an element of homeworking in their job is absolutely essential, according to a Workingmums.co.uk poll.

Working at home


Some 20% said it was good to have, but not essential and only five per cent said it was not very important. Some 13% said their job would not allow homeworking.

One woman said she worked from home as a researcher in the motoring industry due to having multiple sclerosis, but would like to get a homeworking job in credit control, which she did in the publishing industry for over 20 years.

She stated: “I have taken a very large drop in salary, but am unable to work in a full/time capacity due to my disability.

I am unable to stand for too long or walk too far as my disability has had an adverse effect on the strength of my legs, but my mind is still very active and I cannot give up working completely.

I would dearly love to find a homeworking position that makes better use of my experience and skills.”

The poll of 125 working mums comes after an increased focus on homeworking by London workers during the Olympics to cut down on transport problems.

A recent poll from Skype and YouGov found almost two thirds of UK office workers believe they can be as productive or more productive when working from home than they would be in the office.

And the first randomised experiment monitoring the impact of homeworking on productivity found homeworkers are more productive than their office counterparts.

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