Hours changing after office relocation: ask the expert

I work on a local paper. We were told last week that our office will relocate at the end of the month to a site far away. As a working mum I will find it very difficult to get my children to school and nursery and then to work and pick them up. On top of that, I have been on a six-month contract to work part time (three days a week) and I have been told that this will revert back to full time. My boss has said that he is keen to keep me on the team, and there’s a possibility I can work from home four days a week and go into the office just one day a week. I really appreciate this, but wonder if I have any legal redress as to keeping the part time hours, perhaps if I say that I am unable to secure childcare at the nursery on the two extra days? Working full time I feel is unsustainable and I am keen to keep the hours that I do, or at least to just work four days a week.

You mention that you signed a six month fixed term contract, which is due to expire shortly.  You have been told that your new contract will require you to work full time.

Are you aware if permanent members of staff are allowed to work part time, 3 days per week. If so, you may be able to challenge your employer’s actions by citing that you are being treated less favourably and being subjected to a detriment by being forced to work full time because of your fixed term workers status.


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