How can I appeal a flexible working decision? ask the expert

I am due to return to work soon and I have requested reducing my contract to 24 hours as an assistant manager, but this has be declined for several reasons which are valid according to the legislation and I would like to appeal. I am struggling with what to put down as my reasons for my appeal and they have also not offered me any other options which leaves me in a very difficult situation as my children are in nursery three days a week and I have no other options for childcare. I’m so worried that I may have to hand my notice in. What can I do?

Although you can appeal against the decision, this should be because either your employer didn’t know something important related to your application when they made their decision, or because you want to challenge or dispute information used by them to make the decision.

You can’t appeal if you only disagree with the business reasons for the rejection or because you wanted a different outcome.

You may be able to renegotiate a different number of reduced hours, but they aren’t obliged to do that. Bearing in mind that you won’t be entitled to make another request for 12 months, you may need to seriously consider other job options – maybe your employer could redeploy you to another role part-time? Best of luck!

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