How long do criminal convictions stay on record: ask the expert

If you have a criminal record, how far back can an employer get a CRB check?

[Information still correct and relevant as of November 2017]

I checked with the section in the local police that’s responsible for doing CRB checks. The answer is that the CRB check will list ALL criminal offences an individual has ever committed.

In theory, CRB checks are only required for posts where there’s contact with vulnerable individuals (eg young children) or where a less than honest employee could do real harm (eg banking jobs).

If the job doesn’t require a CRB check, then someone with a criminal record needn’t declare it if the criminal conviction is “spent”.

The length of time before a conviction becomes “spent” varies according to the age the person was when they committed the offence and the seriousness of the offence. The local probation service is probably the best source of advice to individuals on whether their criminal conviction is “spent” or unspent.

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