How many personal details do you need to give?: Ask the expert

I separated from my husband and moved to a new area I don’t know. I have been out of the workforce since 2004 as I have a child with autism. I want to go back part-time, but am worried about bias against single mums. How much do I need to tell them?

Any employer or potential employer only has a right to know and to ask for information which has relevance to your ability to do the job.  Therefore you do not have to reveal age, gender, parental responsibilities, marital status etc on a CV, nor should you expect to be asked about these at interview.  Professional employers will be aware of this so be wary of any that do ask for this information (in terms of what they’d be like to work for in the long run!).
I would also suggest that whilst there is still a gender pay gap etc, that in the last few years employers have become increasingly flexible and welcoming of individuals from different sectors of the workforce, understanding that we’re all different with diverse family set ups and situations etc.  So look on this opportunity as a positive one assume any decent employer will just be interested in you and your capabilities to do the job in hand.  Good luck!

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