How the other half lives

Do you want to take part in a new series of Channel 4’s documentary How the other half lives? Then read on.

How the other half lives? A production company working for Channel 4 is looking for more wealthy families to take place in the second series of its observational documentary series about child poverty.

Each programme focuses on two families, ideally with at least one child aged over 8 years, from different backgrounds, observing their lifestyles as seen through the eyes of their children.  The programme’s aim is to highlight the issues surrounding child poverty in the UK, and as such they are looking for wealthy families that would be happy to sponsor a family that is facing such hardship. The company also produces the award winning and critically acclaimed series, The Secret Millionaire.

If you are interested, you can contact Jo Trigg on: 020 7013 4149 or by

More information about the series can be found on the Save the Children website:

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