How to advertise flexible jobs

Do you have a job to advertise? Think carefully about whether the position can be filled flexibly. Flexible jobs are in high demand – by advertising the flexibility you’ll attract a lot more attention and applications for the role.

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Flexible working could help to reduce the rising employee absence trend

By drawing attention to the flexibility of a role in an advert, you’ll attract more applications. Today’s workforce is increasingly tempted by the opportunity to work more flexibly. Read on for our tips and advice on how and where to advertise flexible jobs.

What is a flexible job?

A flexible job is any role where some or all of the role can be done remotely, on a part-time basis or outside the normal hours of 9am to 5pm.

Many employers are working to increase the flexibility of its working patterns, as research shows that flexible companies report better productivity and happier employee.

Why do people want flexible working?

Most working people today are seeking good work-life balance. By working from home, or getting their tasks done outside traditional working hours, people can often gain better feelings of wellbeing. For those with families, it’s a chance to balance the responsibilities of work with caring for children.

Working parents, carers, pet owners and people with keen interests such as sports training or volunteer work are key audiences for flexible jobs. So, by advertising a job as flexible, you’ll unlock a whole new section of the job market.

How should I advertise a flexible job?

Many job websites now provide the option to promote flexible options as part of the post, usually by ticking a box. But you should also make sure you mention the flexible nature of the role as early as possible in the ad – either in the heading or the job overview.

If possible, be specific about the type of flexibility on offer, whether it’s home working, part time options or job sharing. Some ads state that they are open to suggestion – if this applies to your organisation you can say something like: ‘we offer different ways to work flexibly, so please feel free to talk about what flexibility means to you at your interview’.

Where to advertise flexible jobs

In addition to the usual job sites that your company uses, if you have a flexible job to advertise you should take a look at some sites that specialise in flexibility.

workingmums, for example,  was launched specifically to help parents find the kinds of jobs that work well with family life – and flexible working is a key part of that. They have now also launched and to cater for different groups as the demand for flexible working more and more spans age and gender.

Our jobs section highlights homeworking jobs, flexible jobs and part-time roles that are ideal for working parents. We make it easy for employers to list their jobs and bring out the elements that will appeal to our audience.

Further ways to attract applications to your flexible job

There are a variety of ways to highlight your flexibility, such as through accreditation like happy to talk flexible working, Carer Positive and workingmums Top Employer Charter.

For more hints and tips on crafting an appealing job advert, visit our employers section or go straight ahead and post a job.

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