How to deal with video interviews

As more and more of us move towards remote working, video interviews will become even more common. Here are some tips.

Two women doing a video interview on a laptop


Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers, but fill most of us with dread. So how can you prepare for one?


A desk top computer or laptop are preferable to using a mobile phone for your interview as movement can be really distracting.

In advance of the interview it is advised to check that your web cam is set to the right height, and your volume correct before hand to avoid you having to make adjustments at the start of your interview.

Your surroundings

Think about your surroundings. Try to choose a quiet place which has a plain and anonymous background. If possible keep it professional – avoid washing hanging in the background or a messy room.

Ideally sit at a table or desk as it will make your posture better, and you will look more professional than if you are sitting on your bed propped up with pillows!

Make sure your lighting is right. You could ask a friend of family  member to do a trial run so they comment on how you appear on video in your chosen location.

Dress appropriately

You may be at home, but you should dress for ‘work’ when you do a video interview. It will put you in the right frame of mind, and look professional too.

Do not disturb

If you are at home, let everyone in the house know you are interviewing to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. Whilst many interviewers may be understanding if a family member bursts in the room, it will still throw you and interrupt your train of thought so it is best avoided.


Try not to fidget and make an effort to look at the person on your screen. It is very easy to look away as you feel uncomfortable, but like in a face to face situation maintaining eye contact is a good idea as it will build rapport and show confidence. Try to smile and relax!

Read more tips from the experts on to prepare for video interviews here. Got a telephone interview? Try reviewing our handy tips here.

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