How to do affiliate or internet marketing

Joy Judge gives some advice on how to get into internet or affiliate marketing.

Three years ago, while on maternity leave, I stumbled across a method of making money from the comfort of my own home. I say comfort, but I was adjusting to life with a young baby so life was hectic and tiring. I wanted to combine working from home with online marketing and found a vast array of free information relating to the world of internet marketing.

Internet marketing encompasses a variety of money making techniques using websites (in general) and technical know-how isn’t essential. Bloggers will write about various topics they’re interested in, but internet marketers tend to go one step further and create websites based on lucrative niche topics i.e. ‘the best leather bag’ or ‘horse trailer insurance’. The objective is to find these niche subjects, write about them and attract online visitors via search engines like Google by producing excellent content.

In the last three years, I have created a network of websites using WordPress, a highly regarded free blogging platform. By adding Google Adsense advertising within a designated area of your content, money is accrued each time a visitor clicks on an advert.

Another popular business model uses affiliate marketing, Amazon being a perfect example. By adding a link from your website to Amazon, you can earn commission each time a visitor clicks from your website to Amazon and makes a purchase. The objective here is to generate your own compelling reviews or other appropriate content to encourage those visiting your website to go on to make a purchase from Amazon.

It is crucial your website offers excellent content for a number of reasons. Search engines such as Google will love your website for its uniqueness, thus ensuring it appears high up in search results when someone performs a search relating to your subject. You need to ensure visitors to your website have a profound experience when browsing. How many websites have you bookmarked that made you laugh or answered a question you couldn’t answer anywhere else?

To get started, you need to do the following:

– Spend some time researching topics you can write about. For example, note down typical fears or problems people may have. Also list subjects you are passionate about and try to find some overlap with your potential markets.

– Use a free online tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, to research what people are searching for in Google. There’s no point writing about ‘breakfast bars for kitchens’ or ‘pets clothing’ if very few searches are performed on Google about these subjects!

– Create a website using a domain/hosting package. It’s easier than it sounds and there are plenty of hosting companies offering services to set up WordPress, facilitating the entire process. This is the ONLY part that involves a cost. Domain/hosting packages cost approximately £40 per year and you need to ensure your domain name (website address) is relevant to what you’re writing about i.e.

– Write lots of engaging content about your subject in the form of posts and pages on your website. Choosing a topic you are passionate about is critical, otherwise your interest and ability to write unique content will wane.

– Use search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) to drive traffic to your website (an art in itself which requires patience).

Of course, there is a lot more detail to cover, but further information can be found free online on websites and in forums.

*Joy Judge is an internet marketer and the founder of TA Focus. Her background includes publishing and ecommerce.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! There seems to be a lot to learn and so many different ways to get started. I love the idea of staying at home, being my own boss and making money to support my family.
    Are there any step by step guides that provide more detail for the different processes?

  • Anonymous says:

    An excellent starting point. Money can also be made using YouTube; create videos which become viral and you can add Google Adsense for people to click on when they view the videos.

  • Anonymous says:

    Going to share this on my Facebook page. Thanks!

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