How to fit exercise into a busy life

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Many of us have started 2016 with the best intentions to stay fit, healthy and in the best shape possible, but it is all too often that exercise falls to the wayside when life gets in the way. A demanding job, a hectic family life and daily chores end up consuming most of our day but it really is all about your mind-set. If you are willing to prioritise exercise, there is always a way to make it happen and below are some top tips to help make 2016 the most active year of your life.

Exercise from home

You don’t need to exercise at the gym! There are many mobile personal trainers who can train you from the comfort of your living room or garden, meaning you can squeeze in a session before or after work while the kids are within proximity. Or if you are highly motivated, you can devise your own workout using your furniture. Use a chair for tricep dips, roll a mat on the floor to complete the plank and do a ski sit against any flat wall in your home.

Exercise at work

If you are a decision maker in your office, then you could consider implementing a corporate exercise programme. Many of the UK’s leading and most successful businesses have been investing in their employee’s wellbeing for years. A one-hour training session at lunch or after work with your colleagues is a great teambuilding exercise and ensures you never skip a workout again.

Train with your partner

You don’t need to spend quality time with your partner, your best friend or your mum at a restaurant. Why not spend it doing a workout instead? This will save you money, free up your time and it will help you lose weight rather than put it on.

Walk, run, skip

Ditch the car, the bus or the tube. Think about the journeys you make in a week and make a commitment that you will walk anywhere that falls within forty minutes. This may mean waking up earlier, getting ready faster or having to reorganise your day, but your body and your mind will definitely thank you for it.

*Laura King started out as a freelance writer during university and now writes for a variety of different websites and blogs. Laura is now working at MotivatePT where she writes about health and fitness.

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