HR: Trends for 2016


As a parent Human Resources has a major impact on your working life, possibly more so than for other employees.

As someone deeply passionate about the value of the HR team, I’ve been looking at trends for 2016 on how HR will be changing to improve your experience in the workplace. Let’s take a look.

Real time feedback

The process of having an ongoing discussion between employee and employer is vitally important in checking in on progress, happiness and well being. The possibility for such feedback has increased hugely in recent years thanks to digital systems that capture a wealth of data. This digital disruption is driven in no small measure by the emergence of mobile.

We spend over half of our time using the internet on a mobile device through apps, so when a mobile app is introduced to the workplace the adoption rate will be high and the learning curve low. As a result, system engagement is strong.

This produces significant results. With more feedback, productivity increases. This goes on to produce a better quality of work, which goes on to produce a better sense of pride and wellbeing. Real-time feedback is key to positive work environments. In 2016 we expect to see much more adoption of such systems.

Friends for life

Work can sometimes be hard work, but with friends in the office, work has been proven to become easier. For example, a person with close friendships with their colleagues is more likely to feel attached to their work, and someone who works alongside a best friend is seven times more likely to engage in their tasks.

To build a company culture where friendships occur naturally is a skill HR teams develop over a number of years. By promoting a sense of fun, caring for your wellbeing – especially so as parents – and allowing a degree of flexibility to have time by the water cooler, an organisation can see productivity increase, along with profits.

This is a trend you can control. In 2016 why not mentor new joiners, make them feel welcome and take part in the creation of a great company culture. If you feel the company you work for could do more, speak to your HR team – that’s a big part of why they are there.

Power to the people

Only a decade ago HR management systems were designed primarily to help HR professionals do their jobs. Employees were considered the ‘end-users’ of these systems, but in reality they typically used them as little as possible.

Today the market has radically shifted. Many HR applications are becoming tools for employees first. They enable the HR team to manage employees and empower you by helping you to learn, develop and steer your own careers.

Several years ago we talked about the shift in HR technology from ‘systems of record’ to ‘systems of engagement’. This shift is being driven by these modern HR applications, which by design helps to improve productivity at work.

So, imagine an employee application suite that runs on your phone, knows your location and recommends people to network with. This hugely personal and useful experience is the future, putting the power right in your hands. Here’s to 2016.

*Paul Harris [pictured] is Co-Founder and CMO of BrightHR, a people management software company dedicated to brilliant workplace cultures. Read their full HR trends for 2016.

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