Hundreds of carers could quit after payout

Report suggests that Glasgow may face a shortage of home carers in the wake of the recent equal pay case.

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Glasgow’s home care service could be significantly affected if care workers use lump sum payouts from the council’s recent equal pay settlement to move on, according to a new report.

In February 2019 Glasgow City Council agreed to settle a long-running equal pay dispute which involves significant numbers of care services staff.

A contingency planning group was established in January 2019 involving both Glasgow City Council HR staff and the senior management team of Care Services. This group are developing a detailed Equal Pay Contingency Plan, outlining potential areas of risk, including the recruitment of new home care staff.

The report by Glasgow City Integration Joint Board says it is anticipated that between 18 – 40% of the council’s home care staff may choose to leave following the equal pay case, including 50-80% of staff in supervisory roles. It says this potential loss of staff, when considering the shift patterns and hours worked of those who may leave, translates to a 38-40% loss of capacity in service.

The report states that the council is gathering data per service, per role, to identify at locality level the potential impact on services. It will also consult with home carers on reduced or increased hours or other roles as a key retention tool. It says: “A range of options will be available to maximise the retention of skilled individual home carers.” The council is also planning a major recruitment campaign.

A detailed plan has also been agreed to train at least 400 new home carers over a two-three month period and the council is looking to improve IT to enable workers to operate more effectively in a paperless environment.

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