How to enable hybrid working

How can employers develop a culture that enables the kind of hybrid working – part office, part remote – that so many workers want to see more of after Covid?

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Hybrid working comes out time and time again in surveys as the top choice for how workers wish to work in the post-Covid world. Hybrid working means working some of the week in the office and some remotely. But how do employers make hybrid working work?

Culture is important

A new white paper from agile working experts The Culture Builders focuses on creating the right culture for hybrid working. That means building on three main pillars –  what we believe, how we behave and the tools we use.

‘What we believe’ – as a team or organisation – covers our ambitions, values and our response to Covid. ‘How we behave’ links to whether our response is consistent with what we believe. ‘The tools we use’ centres around the systems, processes, technologies, environments and equipment that help us to behave consistently with our values and beliefs.

The white paper talks about the need to create “a third culture” which is co-created between workers in the office and working remotely which ensures everyone stays connected and feels part of the organisation and able to thrive. That means:

  • Focusing on human needs. That means feeling valued – the white paper emphasises the need to dial up the appreciation for hybrid workers and share good news stories
  • Team connection. That involves checking in regularly with hybrid workers in different ways, communicating regularly and emphasising the purpose of the organisation which unites everyone
  • Working structures, for instance, having a strong chair so there is a balanced input from office and remote workers; including everyone in the after chat and perhaps representing remote workers physically in the room, for example, with pictures on chairs
  • Focus and environment. This includes the longer term issues linked to hybrid working such as enhanced homeworking support, adapted office environments or company hubs that offer face to face collaboration opportunities for a largely remote workforce as well as a focus on well being and preventing the overworking associated with homeworking.

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