Should I get pro rata benefits if I am part time?

I am a part-time worker and my employer has discriminated against me several times for this reason. This time my question is regarding company benefits. I have read that part-time workers should receive a pro rata salary, holidays and benefits of what a full-time worker receives. I work two days a week and I suppose I am entitled to receive 2/5 of whatever a full-time worker is entitled to. I have request a season ticket loan as I usually buy a monthly ticket. Initially my employer told me that I am not entitled to it. I asked them to specify the reasons and where the policy can be found as I have not received a staff handbook. My employer just stated that my earnings are not high enough to cover the repayments. I researched this and I told them this was incorrect and then suddenly they offered me a  2/7ths loan which they said is because a week has 7 days and I work just 2 days. Can I do something about this? Are they right? A full-time worker in my company works Monday to Friday. Some people do an extra day on Saturdays, but that is only occasionally.

The Part Time Workers Regulations are clear that part timers should receive the same benefits as full timers subject to the pro rata principle. This principle means that the part timer should receive the proportion of the full timer’s benefits calculated by comparing the number of hours worked. If you work two fifths of the hours of a full-time worker, you should receive two fifths of the full timer’s travel loan.

You should point your employer in the direction of the Part Time Workers Regulations, which are very clear on this point.

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