I never know what shifts I will get and cannot plan anything personal

My employer has me working 12 hours “flexible” shifts. My contract states 40 hours per week with the mention of a “flexible shift pattern”, but nothing about nights or weekends. I never know when my shifts are going to be during the week until the last moment. Out of my shifts more than 50% are nights, but he claims I am not a night worker and refuses to give night work compensation. What do you need in the UK to be qualified as a night worker? Also I never get the weekend off. My employer claims that because I work in a flexible shift pattern I need to use my holiday days if I want the full weekend off. I don’t know what to do and I can never plan anything from my personal life in advance because I never know what I will be doing next week.



The employment contract should include “details of terms and conditions of employment relating to hours of work and normal working hours”.

In order to avoid confusion, normal hours should be specified, including the normal working days. If your employer wants to be able to require you to work on other days, this needs to be stated in the contract. The policy on overtime should also be made clear.

In particular, from April 2020, employers will have to tell all workers from day one of their job about any terms and conditions about normal working hours and working days, any variation to those hours and days and how that variation is to be decided and how long the job is expected to last.

I would advise discussing this with HR and also asking to see a copy of the grievance policy to see about submitting something on this if you can’t be given exact details of the days you are meant to work.

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