I want to leave early: ask the expert

I recently gave in my notice at a GP surgery. Since doing this, I was reprimanded after ordering some items for family without knowing that we are only allowed to order for immediate family members. I returned the goods, but am now under investigation and feel under great stress. I have three weeks to go, but want to leave early. Can I?

If you are at the stage where it is making you unwell to physically attend work for the remaining part of your notice period, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you could attend your GP (presuming he is not at the same surgery!) and he may decide that you are suffering from stress/anxiety and may certify you unfit to work for the remaining three weeks of your notice period.
Alternatively, you could terminate your employment immediately by suggesting that your employers’ recent actions have damaged the implied term of trust and confidence in the employment relationship and your position has now become untenable, making it impossible for you to continue to work.
In relation to the investigation, your employer would need to have firm evidence to accuse you of theft and the police are unlikely to get involved unless your employer is able to prove the allegations against you.
This gives a general overview only, based on the information available at the time of writing. It cannot be relied upon in any particular case. Specific legal advice must always be considered to include consideration as to whether the legal position contained has changed since publication. For further information and advice, please contact Lemon&Co Solicitors on 01793 527141 or visit their website: www.lemon-co.co.uk.

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