I want to move into IT policy writing

Recently I have been intrigued to learn IT and its processes. At present I work as a learning support assistant in a primary school and have been working in similar role for past six years.  I would like to request for some information about the possible ways to get into IT policy writing and if there are any opportunities available for me as a new entrant into this diverse field.  I am really keen and motivated to learn and progress in this field and really appreciate your kind attention with this regard.


I can highly recommend The National Career Service website. This is a really good place to start in researching your chosen career path. This website is full of information and support. You can research specific job profiles that will inform you of expected salary, job details as in what you will be expected to do, salary and hours. Skills required, training available and entry requirements.  Furthermore actual job opportunities, so all is left for me to say is good luck and let’s us know how you get on.

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