Do I have to do early morning stock take in other stores?

My employer wants me to go to other shops to help with stock takes. It will take me over one hour to get there and they want me to be there for 6.45am. I have two children who would have to get up and ready for school on their own. Can I refuse to do it even if it states in my contract that I will from time to time have to go to other stores?

As this is part of your job description/ contract then your employer does have the right to request that you go to another store.

If you refuse the request the employer may decide that if this can not be resolved you might find yourself at a disciplinary worse case scenario. There isn’t any legal stance at this stage, again that would only be decided if you went to a disciplinary and it went to a dismissal.

I would advise that you speak to your employer to see if you can negotiate the time you need to be at the other store. You could ask if they can be flexible on this, and explain your issue that you need to take your children to school and can they take into account the time it will take you to travel to the other store.

Ultimately, it is your employer’s decision if you have to go at the time requested, and it will also depend on your start time at your regular store, but I would always advise to see if you can come to a compromise.

Good luck and I hope it is resolved for you.

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