Informal flexi start time revoked

I have had an informal flexible start time in place for the last year to start half an hour later than my official start time. This was done informally by my previous manager for family reasons. My new manager says I have to revert to the start time in my contract. I explained my situation and he told me that he couldn’t consider it and that I may need to find alternative employment.  I then learnt that at least two other employees in same role as myself have informal flexible start times which are continuing. I then did a flexible working application formally, he arranged a meeting and the same day I got a letter that it had been declined. He says that staff briefings are just after the start time and that all staff must be there. This has always been the case and I’ve always made myself aware of the notes once I arrive as it is just read from a notice. I am currently off work with work-related stress as I’m unable to make the start time and I’m concerned what that will mean i.e. breach of contract. Nothing has changed since I had my flexible start and I have offered to come in 15 minutes earlier.

Your employer can refuse a request for flexible working for genuine business need. If there is a genuine need for the briefing to take place at the start of the day and for you to be there, that would be a permitted reason for refusal. However, you may want to appeal on the following bases:

  • You have been starting at half an hour later for a year without any problems incurred
  • You have made yourself aware of the briefing notes each morning and will continue to do so
  • Two of your colleagues are starting later, suggesting that it is possible to miss the briefing.

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