Internet now the leading place to look for jobs


The internet has become the place to look for jobs, according to a new global survey which shows over half of jobseekers have searched for employment online.

The survey of more than 13,000 individuals from 13 countries, including the UK, was conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and Recruit Works Institute. It found 55% of respondents had searched for jobs on the internet, compared to 36% in paper media, 24% who went directly to employers and 17% who searched via permanent employment agencies.

A third rated internet sites the most effective way of finding out about job vacancies. Internet job sites were also deemed the most effective for securing new jobs.

The survey report says that although internet job sites and referrals are considered the two most effective channels, it would be a mistake to say that one is better than the other. Each suits a particular kind of user. It says internet job sites are the preferred channel of highly educated individuals and those in developed countries. Referrals are the preferred channel of people in countries with lower attainments in education and GDP.

It says searches through the referral channel generally move more quickly than Internet searches, but Internet job seekers see better income improvement. Searches through referrals take nine weeks, on average, compared with 15 weeks for Internet searches. Among users of Internet job sites, 58% achieved income increases, compared with 50% for users of the referral channel.

One advantage of the Internet highlighted in the report is that it can process a much higher volume of applications than the referral channel. The report says that key difference “will drive the continued growth and evolution of Internet job search”. It anticipates more technological developments aimed at decreasing the time people spend searching for employment while expanding their options.

Kazumasa Sakurai, a BCG partner and a Co-Author of the report, said: “One of the key capabilities that differentiates the internet from referrals from family or friends is the internet’s ability to process a much higher volume of applications.

“We believe that key difference will drive the continued growth and evolution of internet job search, and we look forward to seeing how future technological developments can continue to drive down the time job seekers spend searching for a new job without limiting—and in fact expanding—their employment options.”

Yukio Okubo, the Founder and General Manager of Recruit Works Institute, said: “Job search behaviour is drastically changing around the world, but until the publication of this report, we have had little insight into just how it’s changing.

“The unique evidence of job search behaviour in various countries presented in the report promises to deepen our understanding of the global job market.”

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