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“The thing about interviews is that I could be anywhere doing anything and you’d never know,” said one of my interviewees the other day. In fact, she was at home feeding a sick cat. I concurred. At that moment I was sitting in my car just outside my partner’s workplace, having taken the kids to have lunch with him on the last day of half term. The kids and my partner were in the car opposite waiting to show me the way home, but they lost patience after around 20 minutes and decided to leave me behind. Daughter two opened the car door mid-interview, took the Eurovision CD and they were off.

The other day I had to do an interview just before I was due at a meeting. I couldn’t reschedule so instead I decided to do the interview en route. I pulled into a housing estate where I had done a previous interview just outside the town where my meeting was. The only problem was that when I got to the housing estate there were signs up saying there was a big fine for anyone parking there without a permit. Perhaps there had been a siege of journalists using the housing estate over the past few months. The clock was ticking. I headed off into the countryside and eventually found a village with no parking permits and rang the interviewee while a window cleaner looked on.

Normal service will be resumed after half term. Over the last week we’ve been totally taken over by Eurovision 2018. I was sitting in the back of the car the other day when the Swedish entry came on. The entire car started shaking. I looked over at daughters two and three who were dancing in synchronicity. I looked over my shoulder. Only son was in the very back doing all the actions. The car had been converted into a Eurovision disco.

Only son asked for Belarus because apparently the singer is very good and the song is “highly emotive”. This from a seven year old. Meanwhile, daughter one, the chief instigator of Eurovisionness in the family, is in Germany youth hosteling. Her sisters have been whatsapping her in Swedish, using Google translate.

I know way more about every Eurovision entry than I should. I know more about the Spanish couple than I know about members of my own family.  Primary school has helpfully added two inset days onto the end of half term, and as daughter two is doing work experience at primary school, most of the team is still in holiday mode, but by midweek I anticipate the return of sanity.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of

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