Is it time to pivot your career?

Coach Lorna Valcin has some advice on why, if you feel like making a change in your working life, now might be the right time and why shifting careers does not mean you lose anything.


This last 15 months has seen many of us making some pretty major shifts. We’ve been working from home and home schooling with little (or no) experience. Some of us have been furloughed and others forced to change direction completely. We have discovered a resilience we didn’t know we had, successfully working through all the doubts, fears and limitations that had managed to push us right out of our comfort zone.

Looking at the positives, we have acquired valuable knowledge and confidence for the next time a major shift is required or desired. We certainly won’t be as fearful of changing our horizons. And as the darkness finally starts to lift, many people are actively seeking a different future, taking a life’s too short attitude.

We’ve all seen the stories in the media about how businesses are considering making more of flexible working arrangements, with some of them ditching their expensive commercial properties for good. This brings with it many opportunities for those employees who want it.

Are you looking to pivot your career? Maybe you want to do something completely different or even start your own business. Perhaps you are moving to the country, seeking out the more relaxed way of living that working from home/hybrid working can offer.

Whatever change you are facing, my five top tips will help you deal with the big shift.

 1.   Don’t ignore those feelings of wanting a change – they are there for a reason and once they set in they don’t go away easily.

Get clear about the benefits a change will bring. Conquer your fears by focusing on these and not the negative thoughts of how difficult a change might be. Who said a worthwhile change was easy?

 2.   Shifting or pivoting does not mean you lose anything.

When we consider doing something different, we often get stuck feeling we are somehow throwing away all that we have achieved. Your experience is what you bring into anything new – nothing is ever lost.

 3.   Don’t worry about what other people think – you are the best judge of what’s right for you.

Other people’s judgments of what they consider is best for you are often well intended, but they come from a place of fear and doubt. It could be the best move in the world for you, but it might not be right for them, and that scares them. Getting clear, being confident and staying focused on what you want to achieve is the most important thing.

 4.   Broaden your horizons.

Don’t be limited by your limiting beliefs. Imagine everything is possible and work out how to achieve what you want on that basis. Shift your mindset and be fearless.

 5.   Get a coach if you feel you need the support.

I now know the benefits of having a coach and could definitely have done with the non-judgmental voice of support when I was making major changes in my life. A change that allowed me to achieve clarity and confidence about what I truly wanted, why I wanted it and also how to go about getting it.

Remember, it’s not the end of anything, it is just a new chapter, but one that has been designed entirely by and around you and your needs. This makes it a very exciting prospect indeed.

*Lorna Valcin is a a life coach and has set up a life coaching business with her daughter, having spent most of her careers as a solicitor, specialising in employment and immigration law.  You can contact her on email: LVcoachingser[email protected]. Facebook: LV Coaching. Instagram: l.v_coaching.

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