Is it too late to raise a grievance?

Whilst on maternity leave in 2016, my role was changed, essentially splitting my old role in two. I was also given a new line manager. No consultation took place and I wasn’t informed formally of the change in role and have never received a new job description or formal notice of a new line manager. I returned to work in 2017 with terms and conditions unchanged. I lacked confidence and essentially took a demotion. I didn’t raise a grievance at the time as I was just happy to still have a job, although it is becoming obvious that I have no future in the organisation and my confidence is being affected. What are my rights? Is it too late to raise a grievance? My role was made redundant, but I was not consulted – could I claim redundancy now after 18 months?

Your ultimate resolution for a complaint of this nature would be a claim to an Employment Tribunal, and there is a three-month time limit to bring such claims to the attention of ACAS in Early Conciliation, unless a Tribunal considers that it is just and equitable to extend time. Any claim is likely to be found out of time in these circumstances.

You could raise an internal grievance, but would have to do so in the knowledge that your ability to take the matter externally is severely restricted by the time limit.

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