Is there a time limit on repayments of enhanced maternity pay?

I was paid enhanced maternity pay and my contract said I needed to pay this money back if I did not return to work. I was happy to do this and never returned after my maternity leave ended. When I handed in my notice my HR department said they’d be in contact in a week or two to arrange repayment….it is now six months later and I’ve heard nothing. Is there a time limit in which they can come back to me on this?

maternity leave and bank holidays

After maternity leave you are generally entitled to return to the same position

There is no time limit outside the law of contract where there is a six-year time limit.  So if there was a breach of contract, which failing to repay maternity benefits under your contract would be, then they could enforce this at any time.

I would suggest that you contact the business and say can they let you know what is to be returned, if indeed you do not know that already.  If the latter, you could just make the payment.

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