Jamaica, Colombia and Saint Lucia lead on female representation at management level, says report

Countries like Jamaica, Colombia and Saint Lucia have the highest rates of female representation in management, according to new research.

Expert Market, a US B2B marketplace, investigated the workforce of over 126 countries in order to gauge which global regions individuals could expect to have a female manager.

It found that women account for 53.1% of managers in Colombia and 52.3% of the managing workforce in Saint Lucia; the most gender balanced representation of the sexes across the globe. Jamaican businesses are actually far more likely to be led by women than men. Women account for nearly 60% of the country’s managing workforce. Expert Market says this is clear evidence that with strong government backing in the form of the National Policy for Gender Equality (NPGE), the tables can be turned on gender bias.

It adds that whilst many high profile government and business officials in the US, Europe and Australia have been at the forefront of the campaign calling for gender equality at work, their neighbours in Central and South America appear to be making more progress.

A spokesperson from Expert Market US says: “It is promising to see that in a growing number of regions around the world, women are increasingly entering management positions and playing a more important role in business strategy.

Whilst businesses still have a long way to go in recruiting more women at board level, it is encouraging that countries in Central and South America have successfully redressed the balance already.”

The country with the lowest representation of women in management – at 3% – was Pakistan.

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