Job market trends for 2024

CV expert Emma Alkirwi outlines from key trends for job hunting in the new year, from a stress on digital skills to a focus on sustainability.

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As we approach the end of the year, lots of people start to think about making a change in their careers. It’s important to be aware of what trends are going to dominate the job market in 2024 when thinking about your next move.

You might be thinking about moving to a new company, applying for more senior positions or even changing to work in a new industry.

The coming months are a great time to start preparing for your job hunt, with December the best time to update your CV.

From the expectations that job seekers have for potential employers, to the skills that are becoming essential for candidates, here are four trends to watch out for in the job market in 2024.

Candidates have higher standards

The ‘Great Resignation’ might be over, but the trend of employees looking for better working environments is still going strong. The lasting effects of lockdown can still be felt in the market, and attitudes towards work have permanently shifted in the last few years.

Cision found that workers will hold employers to higher standards in 2024. That means they’re looking for positions which offer, amongst other things:

 Higher salaries
 More flexibility
 Salary transparency

Employers are willing to meet these expectations to attract and retain highly qualified candidates. This means they’re likely to offer a more competitive salary, remote working opportunities and share salary information on job listings.

If you are a strong candidate, you will likely be in an excellent position to negotiate your ideal working environment.

When applying for positions, ensure you have a list of criteria that are important to you. The clearer you are on what a positive working environment looks like for you, the better you will be able to apply for the right positions and negotiate to make sure your needs are met.

We recently wrote a blog all about researching prospective employers to find the right role for your needs – you can check it out here.

AI is everywhere

The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere in the job market, and the number of companies using AI in their everyday operations is going to soar.

You don’t have to become an expert overnight, but now is the time to educate yourself about the impact that AI is having in your industry.

Knowledge of how AI can improve operations (and, most importantly, how it can hinder them) will show potential employers that you have an up-to-date understanding of new and relevant technologies. In a competitive job market, familiarity with these key trends will give you a head start on other candidates.

Sustainability is front of mind

If you are interested in progressing to a more senior role or making a career change into an environmentally-focused industry, 2024 will prove an opportune time to take advantage of the boom in sustainable jobs.

There are plenty of opportunities outside these industries too, as sustainability is becoming a larger issue across all businesses. Increasingly, directors and senior managers are becoming concerned about the impact their company is having on the environment.

Stakeholders and customers alike are beginning to expect concrete proof of sustainability initiatives, so employees with experience in planning, implementing or managing environmentally-friendly business practices will be in high demand.

If you are invited to interview with a company which has publicised a commitment to becoming more sustainable, and it is relevant to the role you have applied for, do some research and come prepared with some innovative ideas of where improvements could be made.

Digital skills are more important than ever

Forbes found that 93% of businesses surveyed said there was a digital skills gap in the UK workforce. Therefore, 2024 is the year to enhance your digital skills – no matter what kind of role you are applying for.

Skills that are in particular demand across industries are:

 Data Handling
 Digital Project Management
 Cloud Computing

If you’ve already got experience in these areas and you feel it would be relevant to the role you are applying for, make sure that it’s highlighted on your CV. You could include this information in your ‘Education’ section if you have specific qualifications already.

The job market is constantly changing – understanding what will be important in the New Year helps you to get a head start on other candidates by prioritising the right kind of information on your CV.

*Emma Alkirwi is the Managing Director of the CV Guru which is the leading service provider of professionally written CVs, LinkedIn Profiles, cover letters in the UK and they also provide specialist consultancy services. If you would like some expert help in showcasing your skills and experience effectively in 2024, you can check out their CV writing services. Their team of experienced writers are always on top of key trends in the job market and can create a bespoke CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile to help you impress employers and increase your chances of getting invited to interview.

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