Job relocation checklist

People often have to move house in order to start a new job and be promoted in their career because their new place of work cannot always be conveniently situated close to where they live. When I took the offer of a job in North London, I jumped at the opportunity to move down from Manchester, but have made my mistakes along the way and have definitely learned a few lessons. I would hate for others to suffer as I have so I decided to put together a short yet comprehensive guide to ensure that you have a smoother experience.

First of all, make sure it is the right job for you and that you are confident and definite about the decision to move. Ensure that your partner is on board and supportive about it because to uproot from the home and job that you have become accustomed to is a really big and often stressful time so you all need to be working together. Perhaps it would be a nice idea plan a trip to the area so you can visit as a family and get a primary source view of what the place has to offer.

Often children get very excited about the opportunity to move and explore their new home and stomping ground, which is wonderful for parents to see. However, unfortunately some children find the process very upsetting, usually when children who are somewhat older have already established friendships and built their lives in the current situation. They will always have friends who come and go so the most important thing to focus on with regard to their wellbeing is finding the best school for them, where they can comfortably integrate and make new friends, alongside being provided with a strong and wide education in order to give them the best chance in life.

When I relocated with my family, we were looking to buy a house in Hertford. I had decided not to use rightmove and the likes because I wanted first-hand knowledge from someone who knew what they were talking about. So, I went with a local estate agent in order to find out all about the area along with some personal tips and knowledge about the surrounding places. Finding the perfect house was a big task on its own so I found not having to spend time researching the area really beneficial to my stress levels. They gave me loads of helpful advice on things such as local schools and great places to eat. In fact, I sent my children to the primary school that they recommended; the kids love it and have really settled in well.

The next thing to think about when uprooting are the house prices in the area that you will be moving to and how affordable they are. If your new job requires that you start work before you have time to find the right house, you always have the option to rent a property. It may be expensive but renting it is definitely worth it whilst you continue your search to avoid having to deal with the expenses of moving house again if you decide you made the wrong choice. It is important to have an idea of what you can get for your money and what type of house will be affordable for you.

Commuting can be very draining, stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention the cost in fuel! Being on the road a lot can also be dangerous at times so it makes sense that for a lot of people, and myself included, aim to keep their commuting time to the minimum possible. Obviously, this means competition in finding houses closer to towns and cities however, you pay more for a convenient location so it is up to you to figure out whether you would prefer living in a quiet, low-priced area with a lengthy commute to work or have a short trip to work but spend more on a smaller house.

*Rachel-Jayne Moran is a mum, blogger and food fanatic. Check out one of her recipes here. 

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