Job withdrawn after I asked about flexible working

I have been made a job offer and signed a contract. I was due to start in March. I asked the company if they offered flexible working and they asked what I was thinking. As it was not a regular pattern I sent them a list of days where I would like to leave early to pick my children up from after school club as my husband works a shift pattern involving some nights. I stipulated that I could be flexible around this if the business required me to attend meetings or go to other locations. They called me in for a meeting and I asked about their concerns and agreed to work the core office hours they stipulated. They have since withdrawn their offer, stating they don’t believe I can commit to the travel requirements. They have offered my one week’s pay in lieu of notice and said I can appeal to the Managing Director. Is this discrimination and is it worth fighting? I turned down two job interviews on the basis I had this job.

This looks like a contract breach, especially now they are saying that they will pay you one week’s salary, which says we are in the wrong, let’s try and pay you something to go away.

They can’t say they are withdrawing the offer on the basis of your proposed working pattern when they have said they could be flexible, and can’t say that, although they have set hours, you will have to work outside of them.

I would go back to them and ask for say a month’s salary. I personally wouldn’t want to work for them after the trouble they have caused, but they can’t do this as it’s unfair and a contract breach.


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