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About Kamma

Kamma is an industry leading geospatial technology company that specialises in creating unique data and solutions from disparate information.

Our unique technology and algorithms acquire millions of sources of dirty, disparate and ever-changing information which are then transformed into valuable datasets and answers for any property address in the UK in seconds.  These unique datasets have risk and compliance applications across multiple markets and our products are being used by some of the largest names across letting agent and financial services markets. Having started as a boot-strapped start up, Kamma is now backed by venture capitalists and operates in 3 markets, with big ambitions to expand beyond this.

GetRentr's platform puts agents and landlords back in control, automatically and constantly reconciling their portfolios with the UK's property licensing framework, immediately notifying them of anything that impacts any of their properties. GetRentr is the only data driven solution empowering agents to derisk, upsell premium service, and drive revenue through a targeted licensing application service.

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