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The AA


The AA has been around for over 100 years and was formed on 29June 1905 when a group of motoring enthusiasts met at the Trocadero restaurant in London's West End. This group was initially intended to champion the cause of the motorist and particularly to help motorists avoid police speed traps. As motoring became more popular, so did we - the AA's 100 members in 1905 grew to 83,000 by 1914. As AA membership expanded, so did our activities.

Today, the AA is the largest breakdown cover organisation in the UK. Other services and products we provide include: car insurance, maps, travel guides, campsite guides, home insurance, savings accounts, smart phone and tablet apps and home emergency breakdown cover. Here are some of the key points in our history.

We know what makes people happy at work and we are pretty good at it.  We are good at matching people to jobs that they love and thrive in. Our managers are supportive and approachable. We make work fun. And we give you the back up you need to deliver an amazing service to our customers.

There are excellent career opportunities here too. Whether you want to excel in your chosen field, or you would like to move into management, there are plenty of opportunities.

We know that extras are important to you, so from the day you start working with us, you are entitled to a range of employee benefits.

Your first few weeks may differ depending on the business area you have joined. Some have longer induction programmes than others, but the advice is still the same. Your first few weeks are all about starting off well and laying the right foundations so that you can fulfil the role you have been recruited to do and feel part of the AA community. So your job in these few weeks is to focus on all the practical things you will need to know.

Every year your manager will look at your performance, and discuss ways for you to improve and develop. We do this, so that you can really fulfil your potential, and look at ways to move to the top of your game.

Building expertise in what you do - where it's needed you'll get regular training to make sure that you're kept up to date and have the skills you need to be the best at your job. Learning resources are provided at each of our locations, and may include books, computer-based training packages and videos.

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