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Founded in Europe by two engineers in 2014 who had become frustrated by how their schedules weren't connected to anything. Whilst others focused on building beautiful user interfaces to support simple booking experiences, Adam and Garry knew the problems weren't just skin deep.

Business scheduling has multiple constraints. People are scheduling for individuals and groups, not just themselves. Data flows have to be secure and controlled. The applications that businesses rely on have to be kept in sync, in real-time.

A new approach was required. A reimagining of calendars and the infrastructure that companies use to manage their employees' time.

Fast forward to the present day and the Cronofy scheduling platform is helping tens of thousands of teams improve their efficiency and free up time for what's important.

Give everyone more time.

Mission - It's about time
Be the go-to scheduling infrastructure for high-performance companies globally.

Transform how time is shared, accessed and managed in the business world.

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