Track Design Engineer

15 Mar 2019
14 Apr 2019
Full Time
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About Amey

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Working for Amey you will receive a competitive salary and will be able to join our contributory pension scheme. In addition you will be entitled to Company sponsored life assurance and a generous holiday entitlement. You will also be invited to join Amey Choices which offers a range of flexible benefit options and offers additional benefits available throughout the year.

Amey is an equal opportunities employer.

What is the purpose of this role?

Working within a team of other engineers led by the Principal the engineer should be able to competently discharge duties and support the Assistant Engineers and below through their knowledge of both Group and Company Standards whilst following Amey's own technical work instructions. The Engineer should also be a team player able to take instruction from the team's Principal and Senior Engineer's to coordinate their developed skill set in plain line, basic switch and crossing design and associated design knowledge.

What will this role involve?

  • Marking out the extents of the site from a defined datum point, gauging all structures using a laser sweep, platform gauge or other approved method. An engineer should have sufficient basic componentry and track fault knowledge to be able to complete an analysis of the existing track to be able to carry out an asset condition survey including taking the appropriate measurements of head and side wear.
  • Can work to the required detail within the Grip process with supervision on plain line and simple S&C schemes. Including the production of the appropriate documentation to support submissions in line with the projects requirements.
  • Can assist more junior members of the team with the development of schemes within the Grip stages with relevance to their level of competence and ability
  • Competent to work without supervision on relatively complex plain line schemes including interfaces with platforms and general structures. Develop twin track co-planar schemes with applied cant with reference to surrounding infrastructure such as within tunnels. Where possible should show a clear determination to design parallel, co-planar and level alignments unless topography, structures or cost prohibits this
  • Is competent to work under supervision on simple S&C layouts to produce compliant schemes based on standard preferred geometries
  • Is proficient at creating models from outputs from PRT using the correct preferences and seed files to draw out in Microstation the horizontal and vertical track alignments. Taking the projects scope of works can then display using the appropriate scales and sized drawing frame a correctly annotated set of models (Hoz & Vert). The drawing(s) should have sufficient detail appropriate for that Grip Stage and to communicate the scope requirements.

What are we looking for?

  • Academic qualifications should be as a minimum HNC level and above preferably Foundation degree however, it would be advantageous to have a Bachelors / Honours degree or Masters.
  • Professional qualifications should be as a minimum Eng Tech working towards either incorporated or chartered status. Regardless of qualification the engineer should be a member of a professional organisation such as ICE / IMECHE or the PWI.
  • Full understanding of the Grip For Track process and normal Network Rail GRIP process
  • PTS trained to support a Senior Engineer working out on site.
  • Working knowledge of Grip 3, 4 and 5. Earlier and later Grip stage understanding may also be beneficial
  • Is proficient in the application of both Group and Company Standards, has an appreciation of ROGS, TSI's and PAN's.

What makes this role unique?

You will implement the project requirements to fully meet the client specification in accordance with relevant standards.