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£17,000.00 to £23,000.00 /year
18 Mar 2019
18 Apr 2019
Contract Type
Self Employed



McGowan Transcriptions are recruiting professional transcribers who are specialists in transcribing group discussions and interviews. You will need to have experience working with a diverse range of material and you will be experienced with transcribing regional accents.

We transcribe everything from one-to-one interviews to group discussions with a wide variety of people, on hundreds of topics throughout the country. Our clients conduct very in-depth analysis of the transcripts we provide, which is why our quality has to be extremely high and second to none.


Minimum 5 days per WEEK, minimum 90 minutes per day (preferably 120 minutes per day) with a 7am next day transcript delivery (progressing to 9am once you are fully trained).

If you wish to transcribe for McGowan Transcriptions you must have proven CONVERSATIONAL transcription experience and English MUST BE your first language.

If you do not have over two years' experience of transcribing group discussions then this role won't be for you - if you do then you'll never need work anywhere else again!

You will be responsible for your own tax and NI as this is a self-employed position.

Skills Required:

  • Audio-typing, minimum speed of 90+ wpm.
  • Minimum TWO YEARS' proven previous transcription experience
  • Experience of multi-speaker recordings, time coding and speaker ID
  • Able to meet 99% accuracy
  • Transcribe multi-speaker audio and visual interviews/groups
  • Working with Excel and Word to various templates
  • Able to complete upwards of 90 minutes audio per day (preferably 120)
  • Proof reading and checking all work for spelling, grammar, formatting, presentation and sense
  • Proactively working with other team members to ensure best quality achieved
  • English mother tongue.
  • Excellent command of English spelling, grammar, punctuation and general knowledge.
  • Excellent online research skills
  • Ability to work accurately under pressure and to very strict deadlines.
  • Familiar with audio editing and transcription software.
  • Flexibility required in working hours as recordings can arrive after 10am.
  • Ensuring confidentiality in all company and client documentation
  • Adhere to our strict security and IT protocols
  • Ability to work with Quality Control to ensure consistent high quality
  • You will be asked to complete a 5 minute group discussion test transcript as part of the recruitment process. Do treat this test as you would a live client project, i.e. use full punctuation, research company names etc.
  • We encourage applications from transcribers who come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and who have English as their mother tongue. If you would like to see our Equality Policy please ask when you submit your CV.

Why work for McGowan Transcriptions?

Quite simply, we are the best agency in terms of looking after our fantastic team. You will be part of a loyal, professional team; have access to our team messaging system, tips forum and fun conversation boards, as well as receive on-going training from Quality Control. Many of our transcribers choose to go on various courses to help with their development, which we fully fund.

We pay on 1st of the month, always, without fail. We value the right to switch off and have work/life balance so we do not contact transcribers after 6pm. We do not subcontract abroad and you will never have to compete with each other for projects but rather work with each other as part of a growing company that was established in 1993!

If you are interested in this position please click 'apply now', submitting your CV.

**Typical pay for a five day week freelance position at 120 minutes per day is upwards of £23,000.00 /year

DBS Certificate Essential...can be applied for after being offered the position.

We mainly work for market research, advertising research and academics. We do not work with court recordings as we feel this can be damaging to the welfare of our team.

Required Education, Skills, Equipment and Qualifications

TWO years' CONVERSATIONAL transcription experience.

90+ WPM audio typing speed

Fast internet connection

Relevant transcription software i.e. Escribe/FTW/Switch

Foot pedal

You will be required to adhere to strict security protocols which include virus monitoring and end-to-end encryption software on your PC/Laptop.


We have a team mentor and you will be walked through our systems by Quality Control.

Our entire team work together, we do not compete against each other for projects!


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